What is my story?

I Thought you would never ask!!


Almost straight out of High School (Broadmeadow High) and living in Newcastle, NSW (yes, I’m a real Aussie), I ventured into my first real career in 1981. I was an Industrial Chemist cadet working for BHP. This involved preparing and analysing coke and coal samples, followed by preparing steel samples for electronic analysis. Fun, challenging and demanding work but I knew I wanted something more…….

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Onto Newcastle University (1982 – 1984)

Majored in Maths and Computer Science – yeh, guess you could call me a Nerd!!. Minored in confusion and fun. Studying was interesting but I did enjoy meeting all the smart, funny and cool people on campus.

However, Wollongong Awaited…

My next career saw me enter the world of computer systems development at Port Kembla Steelworks (Wollongong) and once again working for BHP Steel. This was a fascinating and rewarding journey which consumed close to 25 years of my life.

During this time, I also managed to raise a family of two kids and complete an MBA (Management Information Systems) at Wollongong University in 1994. Who said a guy cannot multitask?

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Next Chapters…

Following this long stint in Wollongong, I then jumped between several roles across both Wollongong and Newcastle. This included working for the Australian Tax Office and Newcastle University. From collecting tax to keeping any eye on students and working on several amazing projects.

Back to Newcastle…

Having been born and raised in Newcastle, I somehow knew that this beautiful city would welcome me back. My last few roles have been local, including the Department of Industry and Greater Bank. It is 2020, now 35 years into the game of IT and project management……what next????

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COVID19 arrives

Wow, what an amazing and challenging time with the arrival of the COVID19 virus. The whole world has been impacted and it feels quite surreal to be caught amid a worldwide pandemic. Nevertheless, one has to remain calm and focused and take positive steps for the future. Something more…….

Hmmmm, why not establish an online presence?

KFCIt is March 2020 and it feels right to now establish a formal presence online and to begin a new journey in my life. I am only 58 (just turned) and I feel I have the energy to kick this exciting phase off with gusto. Hey even the great Harland David (Colonel) Sanders didn’t start Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) until the tender age of the age of 65.

So, having experienced a rich and rewarding career including taking on many investment challenges and hardships along the way, I thought, “Hmmm, it is time for me now to help others who are working their way through similar life and investment challenges”. I sincerely want to help folk of all ages, with their debt reduction, investment decisions and life strategy challenges.

I’m happy that you can join me in my next life chapter. If I have sparked an interest, please get in touch – I am here to help you!

Ready to take action and get
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“Learning does give you confidence and a sense of power.
However, it is only by taking frequent action that we can ultimately be successful in our lives”
– Lindsay Talbot

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