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Thank you for visiting my blog. I want to help you build wealth through investments. If you’ve been reluctant to invest because you feel as if you don’t know enough about it, keep reading. I’ve amassed considerable expertise and knowledge when it comes to investing, and I want to share it with you. I’ll explain how and why I intend to do that shortly, but first: let me introduce myself.

My name is Lindsay Talbot. I reside in the beautiful harbour city of Newcastle, in New South Wales (NSW), Australia – approximate two hours’ drive north of Sydney.

Wildfires and floods

It’s been a tumultuous year so far for us in NSW. We had the bushfire season kicking off around September 2019 – one of the worst on record, with 33 deaths across Australia, 3,094 houses lost, 17 million hectares burned, and a shocking projected loss of over one billion mammals, birds and reptiles combined.

Next, in Feb 2020, NSW saw some of the heaviest floods in almost 20 years. The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) declared a catastrophe for property losses caused by storms and flooding along the East Coast. ICA advised that insurers had received 10,000 claims with the value of claims estimated at AUS$45 million.

Coronavirus takes a toll

Then in early 2020 came COVID-19, which has now severely impacted the entire world. As of 5 August 2020, there were more than 18.7 million cases recorded and tragically, around 704,000 deaths. It is really scary as to how things can change so rapidly. It also underscores the importance of having a sound financial foundation that can help you get through the tough times.

What next?

For me personally, I have been out of work since February 2020. In some ways I felt safer to be out of the workforce and to be self-isolating at home. This has provided me an opportunity for self-reflection and to catch up on things that had been pushed to the side. This has included doing some coding (Python) and Data Science courses. This has been both interesting and fun and has kept me mentally stimulated, which is important.

Giving back with investing tips and helping you build wealth through investments

After doing a lot of thinking, I came to the realisation that I should do what I’d wanted to do for so long: to give back to society in a way that leaves me satisfied whilst providing value to the community at large.

My desire for many years has been to launch a blog on the topic of investing and investments in general, in order to help people achieve their financial goals and get on top of their debt challenges. What makes me qualified to do this?

  • I read widely in this domain (books, magazines, newspapers, blogs)
  • I follow the local and International markets
  • I listen to frequent podcasts and, most important of all,
  • I have had wide-ranging personal experience over time in a variety of investments, including real estate, shares, options, covered calls, managed funds, Australian coins, superannuation (in Australia), gold, silver and cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP).

If you don’t know what some or even all of those are, no worries. I’ll tell you what you need to know and give you PROFITABLE ACTION STEPS to take toward a successful future.

Remember: knowledge is power but acting on this knowledge is where we can achieve extraordinary results!

Moving ahead, my aim is to scour the world for interesting and informative insights into the realm of investing and to follow those considered to be gurus in this exciting space. The investment news I bring you will be relevant, informative, and actionable whenever possible. I might, at times, jump off on tangents and cover amazing breakthroughs in health and well-being and general self-improvement.

I should make it very clear that any investment-related information provided by me is general in nature and does not take into account your personal financial situation. It is for educational purposes only and does not constitute formal financial advice. You should always seek personal financial advice that is tailored to your specific needs!

Thank you again for coming to my blog. It is going to be a pleasure to share the journey ahead with you. I will post new information for you on an ongoing basis. If you enjoy the articles, please leave a comment and pass on a link to those you care about.


  1. Bookmark this web page and visit often. I will bring you actionable information regularly.
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The next blog post will be: How and why beginning investors should invest in index funds.

Stay safe, healthy and wise and most importantly of all, take ACTION.


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